CAD Design & Prototyping

We put a lot of effort into cost savings for our customers, this includes assisting them in the prototype and development stages. We understand that the benefit must be mutual and so this is why we always aim to provide ‘economic, effective solutions’ to our customer. We are able to offer the full service – re-design of parts into castings for customer evaluation, designing patterns, producing the pattern, sand casting the parts and finishing them. Having this option means the customer can have a lot more confidence in the quality of our service before investing in permanent production tooling. It is also highly beneficial to the customer, enabling them to perform trial fits, performance testing and general visual inspections of the parts prior to committing to a design.

Below are just a few examples of where we provide cost savings to existing customers:

  1. Conversion of fabrications to castings
  2. Developing/tweaking designs to include inserts such as – threaded inserts, bushes, dowels, rods, pivot bars and more to eliminate post-casting processing
  3. Highlighting any weight reduction opportunities
  4. Part / tooling simplification
  5. During cost saving exercises, we try to understand what is interacting with the parts and what is going on locally in order to try and combine features and make our parts multi-functional to offset other costs

CAD Part Design

We can accept most software formats and are happy to supply feedback and quotes on any enquiries people have.