Certificates & Statements


It is the objective of Roston Castings Ltd to manufacture and supply products, which meet the complete requirements of its customers regarding quality and cost.

To achieve this, the company has implemented a Quality system, which conforms to the requirements of the International Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2015

This policy has the unqualified commitment of the Directors of Roston Castings ltd. All management shall be made familiar with the contents of the Quality manual and be required to comply with the policies and procedures laid down herein.

The company will ensure that its Quality system complies with all legal requirements relevant to the safety and working practices of the foundry industry.

It is the aim of the company to continuously develop its Quality System to meet the changes in the business environment. We have set applicable quality objectives to improve our quality performance. These objectives are reviewed at our Management meetings.

All staff have clearly defined quality responsibilities and are suitably trained to ensure that these responsibilities can be met.

The company will develop staff to meet their mutual needs.



Company Policy on Health & Safety at Work

Roston Castings Ltd recognizes that it is a responsibility of management to prevent accidents as well as the right of every employee to work in safe conditions. The company aims to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable: –

  1. A safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.
  2. Plant and systems of work which are safe and without risks to health.
  3. General training in Health and Safety so that all employees are aware of any risks to their Health and Safety.
  4. Specific training in accident prevention for supervisors and key operators so that all good Housekeeping standards are maintained.
  5. Personnel protective equipment as appropriate.
  6. Adequate fire-fighting equipment and fire training in conjunction with the requirements of the Fire Authority.
  7. Contact with relevant Health and Safety bodies so that up to date knowledge on legislation, codes of practice and other technical guidance relating to these activities is available.
  8. Basic training in Health and Safety to all new employees and to ensure that when new plant, processes or changes in systems of work are introduced then appropriate safety training is given.
  9. That work done by Roston Castings Ltd. does not affect non-employees such as sub-contractors or visitors whilst on company premises of other contractors, and employees of that contractor.
  10. For training and joint consultation to be given in order to enable these objectives in order to be achieved.

Under Section 7, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 it is the duty of every employee to Co-operate with the employer in meeting these statutory duties.

(Revisions will be made to this policy whenever necessary in the light of changes in legislation or accident prevention techniques).





Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999

Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010

Permit Number PPC: EP 017-Rl

Roston Castings Ltd will operate in a way which acts to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment. We will ensure staff are aware of this policy and take it into account during their work procedures; but also to encourage staff suggest ions of possible options to advance the policy.

In particular, we will carry out the following:

  • Ensure management and relevant staff are aware of all legal responsibilities in relation to the environment, including compliance with our Part B permit
  • Meetings will be held quarterly with all relevant staff to give opportunity to solely focus on the policy and discuss any actions to maintain and improve our environmental performance
  • Keep records of all resources being used (energy, water, metal, packaging etc.) and the waste produced and to continually act to reduce it.