Die casting Applications

Here at Roston Castings Ltd., we pride ourselves in our ability to consistently meet the demands of many industries.

Typical Industries we supply to include:

Agricultural / Construction

We have been supplying this sector for several decades and during that time we have built up an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the demands of the sector and our methods suit these.


The automotive industry is a very competitive and fast paced industry with reliability and consistency of quality being mandatory. Roston Castings Ltd. Have long-formed relationships with several large automotive companies


This sector has focus on safety critical components and sets out high specification/tolerances to achieve. The lead times can also be quite challenging at times.


Roston Castings has been supplying parts for the food industry for many years now and has built up a great understanding of what is required within this sector.

Rail Industry

The rail industry is another demanding sector with a lot of focus given to the safety, functionality and aesthetics of the parts. We have continued relationships with companies who supply to the rail industry.

We are always interested in developing relationships within different industries and broadening our scope of knowledge, and always welcome new enquiries. Please go to our contact page if you require further information