Process Control, Quality and Environment

Lean Manufacturing

Here at Roston Castings Ltd., we employ a LEAN manufacturing System, which is a systematic approach to manufacturing in order to eliminate waste from a system or any process which does not add value. Having waste in the system costs us and the customer money losing us our competitive edge.

The principles behind LEAN manufacturing tie in nicely with our core business principles of providing an efficient and high quality service, but with minimal impact on the environment – Economic Effective Solutions

Quality System

We have made it a priority, and part of our commitment to our customers, to stay ISO9001 certified (since 1996 when it was ISO9002). As part of this ongoing commitment, in 2016 we achieved ISO9001:2015. Again, to demonstrate our ability and commitment to our customers, we would like to remain transparent, thus current and potential customers are welcome to carry out audits on our Quality Management System.


Similar to that of the ISO9001 certification, we have been committed to reducing our environmental impact for over 20 years, since we were awarded an Environmental Award by the local electricity provider. This was for the installation of equipment which reduced our emissions

We have also introduced a LEAN Manufacturing approach to our processes in order to eliminate waste from the system.

More recent developments include teaming up with a local Hydro Power project to provide us with up to 50% of our power needs.

ISO14001 certification has been considered, but we felt that for us it is not economically or environmentally beneficial.