We manufacture tooling onsite, most of which is CNC machined, making best use of the sand casting facilities and allowing us to pass cost and time savings onto customers.

All of our permanent dies are machined out of cast iron or steel and will be operated mechanically or hydraulically depending upon batch quantity, casting size and complexity. Although not preferred, we are happy to use customer supplied tooling as well.

Through years of experience we have learnt the best methods in casting, and always look to implement these methods into the tooling designs. These include core operation methods, feeder/riser layout, venting requirements and ejection methods. These features are easy to overlook, but they will determine the success of the actual casting process and the quality of the casting produced from the tooling.

By having tool room facilities on site, not only are lead times to produce tooling shortened, but it has the added benefit of faster repairs or modifications and lastly it keeps the servicing/maintenance costs down.